Sig: Master of Disguise is a movie made by Mr Yokai. It's a movie consisting of a happier yet-less-demonic Sig powered up by the Morph Ring.

Sig: Master of Disguise Edit

This first adventure centers on Sig going onto a vacation, but his mom and dad got kidnapped, also strange black goo is attacking the whole wide island by possessing people.

Sig: Master of Disguise: Zhè shì guānwū shíjiān Edit

Also "Sig: Master of Disguise: It's all about time". He gains the power to morph (aka "Disguise") as any Recurring Sega character. He not only has to be saving the world from Ecolo, but saving small kidnapped childs.

New Characters Edit

Main Edit

Morpho Edit

The Morph Ring, Morpho. He has the power to swap morph gems for improved power.

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